Solution Sets Dynamic Web Technology

Demonstration Of Utilizing A Database

The Solution Sets Dynamic Web Technology includes support for utilizing databases. This could be used to implement web-based job postings, web-based sales lead tracking, and many other possibilities. We will show a simple job postings database example first.

If so desired, the database aspect of the Dynamic Web Technology can be implemented without the rest of the technology suite (i.e. without necessarily using dynamic web pages for the overall web site).

The database portion can be integrated into an existing web site without any actual modifications to a web server (most web database applications require changing several aspects of a server's installation). Or if preferred, the database aspect of the Dynamic Web Technology can be "hosted" as a secure password-protected database on the Solution Sets web server, with anyone a company approves having access to that database via a simple hyperlink (i.e. a button, or a "click here..." on the company's own web site). In either case, a company could approve certain employees having read and/or write access to a database, and could also approve select suppliers, customers, partners, etc. having read and/or write access.

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