The Solution Sets Dynamic Intranet Web Technology makes it easy to keep employees informed, and to ensure they have online access to the latest policies, procedures, forms, sales tools, and a variety of other valuble files and information.

Each company department can have their own web page within the Intranet, and can have one person (or more) designated to upload information to that page. The upload is done using password protected browser forms, and requires no technical background or other specialized software.

Employees then have password protected access to those departmental Intranet web pages to find out what's new, and obtain the latest forms, tools, etc.

Whenever employees access the Intranet, the Dynamic Intranet Technology automatically and dynamically builds Intranet web pages around whatever material has been uploaded. Text files are expanded as part of the dynamic HTML produced, and other material is listed in an organized fashion as downloadable files.

Particularly for companies with employees in more than one location, Intranets can be crucial to keeping them all equally informed and prepared to do their best possible job.

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