Bringing e-Business To Small Business

Solution Sets was founded to help businesses achieve the results they wanted, but weren't always able to get. Solution Sets has evolved into helping businesses in four primary areas.

Solution Sets believes that the Internet will dominate the future business world. Large companies are moving quickly in recognition of that by implementing impressive web sites to attract customers, partners, and job candidates. Small businesses are currently being left behind in this rapid paradigm shift, primarily because of the cost and/or expertise required. This expertise includes an understanding of web servers, web software, networking, databases, security, etc. Solution Sets has the expertise, products, and services to help bring small and medium size businesses to the forefront of the race to e-Business. In particular, our Dynamic Web Technology makes it extremely cost-effective for companies to have accurate-to-the minute web sites, and to gain the power of database-enabled web sites.

Solution Sets also provides marketing services to companies in many industries, but with a particular emphasis on companies with products or services in the technology sectors. Solution Sets personnel have years of experience in product marketing and marketing communications, and can augment a companies' internal marketing resources. These services address the full lifecycle of products and services including opportunity analysis, strategic planning, collateral development, lead generation, and a variety of other marketing programs.

Solution Sets additionally provides information and consulting services to help companies understand and deploy complex computer-based networks. Such networks have become an absolutely critical part of the ongoing operations of many companies in many industries. Yet networking technology is so complex and changes so fast, it is very difficult for most companies to truly keep up with it. Solution Sets can help companies optimize their networking investments.

Solution Sets owns and operates a revolutionary commercial printing service, aimed at faster and more cost-effective production of marketing material such as brochures, datasheets, and mailers. This services emphasizes directly accepting PC-formatted files from the new generation of powerful yet easy-to-use desktop publishing packages available for Windows, such as Microsoft Publisher. These packages have built-in templates and wizards allowing many marketing managers to design finished, professional collateral themselves rather than utilizing an expensive graphics designer. The service, called PrintFromPC, accepts these file formats, and does everything needed for file conversions, color separations, printing on high quality semi-gloss stock, and shipping to anywhere in the U.S....all for one simple low price.

Brian Barton, the founder and President of Solution Sets can be contacted via telephone at 305.673.9493 or via email at

The term "solution sets" is derived from the field of mathematics, and refers to all possible solutions to a particular problem. Solution Sets' own definition of the term is "A collection of values, actions, and processes that satisfy specific requirements and solve specific problems."

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