Technology To Create And Track Web Advertising

One of the most popular forms of advertising on the Internet is the ever present banner ad. Solution Sets can create any banner ad you want, whether it be the standard 468x60 pixel ads that you see so often at the top of web pages, any of the other commonly used sizes, or a custom size (such as if you are going to use it on your own web site). We've put one fun banner ad at the top of this web page, but won't bother showing you a lot of banner ads as a demonstration because you've undoubtedly seen thousands.

Perhaps the more important service Solution Sets can provide, however, is the ability to manage your web advertising investments by tracking the click-throughs of any of your ads. Click-through is the term used when someone browsing a web site decides to click on an ad, thereby going to the web site pointed to by the ad.

If you place an ad on a third party web site, Solution Sets can provide the technology which will result in any click-throughs being counted, and logged either on your web server (if set up with the relevant portion of the Solution Sets Dynamic Web Technology), or simply logged on the main Solution Sets web server (with you or your designate having password protection to access that log). There is no need to put any software, or anything at all non-standard, on the third paty web site. They are merely provided with your banner ad (either created by Solution Sets, or by someone else), and a special hyperlink text string that will be followed when someone clicks on your ad. These are the two things the third party will be expecting for any web ad.

This technology also works even if you aren't actually putting an ad on the third party web site, but are merely having them place a link to your site on their site. The Solution Sets Dynamic Web Technology can count how many times that link is clicked on by someone browsing the third party site.

This ability to track your click-throughs can be an extremely valuable tool in the following situations:

1. If you are considering placing (or currently have) a web banner ad on a third-party site, and want to know how many click-throughs you are getting.

2. If you are considering placing (or currently have) a web banner ad on a third-party site which provides its own click-through reports to you, and you would like a way of independently verifying the accuracy of those reports.

3. If you are considering placing (or currently have) a link from a third-party site to your site, and would like to know how many times that link is clicked on.

The click-throughs are logged as they occur, in month/year categories in a password protected Dynamic Web Technology database. Any time you wish, you can use the Dynamic Web Technology (as provided by Solution Sets for this application) to query that database to find click-through information for past months, or up-to-the-minute information about the current month. You won't be making your web advertising investments in the dark as so many managers do. And, even those that get information often must wait for month-end reports, and must count on click-through feedback from the very people they are paying to run the ads.

Most large advertising agencies have the ability to provide click-through information on ads you place. But, large advertising agencies are expensive. Solution Sets feels that small and medium size businesses should also be able to get click-through feedback on their advertising investments, and thus developed this cost-effective feature as part of the Dynamic Web Technology suite.

To see a simple demonstration of querying a fictitious click-through database log, click here. This merely shows the click-through database for one banner ad. If a company had several banner ads, a database would be established for each. Or, if desired, Solution Sets could customize a query to show all databases together.

For more information about the creation and management of web banner ads, see the pricing section of our web site, or contact Solution Sets directly via email at, or via phone at 305.673.9493.

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