Of Using A Marketing Services Firm

Marketing services firms have a wide range of expertise and capabilities. The resources they have available can augment your permanent marketing team. You can delay hiring specialists until they would be fully utilized.

Marketing services firms amount to a variable cost resource. You can use them only as needed, and delay hiring full time staff until you're sure you can utilize them, and sure you can afford them on an ongoing basis. If you establish an ongoing relationship with a marketing services firm, that firm's personnel get to know your company and your management team, and can thus ramp up quickly during intensive planning or execution projects.

High level marketing services firms provide an independent third-party perspective for analysis and planning. Company personnel naturally start thinking the same way, and even the most skilled managers can fall prey to "groupthink".

Of Using Solution Sets

Solution Sets personnel have many years of experience in marketing, product management, and engineering. Solution Sets understands how these groups think, and it understands what these groups need to do and produce to make a company successful.

Solution Sets is committed to high quality solutions, but at the same time gives high priority to providing cost-effective solutions. You need the results, but...you need the results you can afford.

A broad set of capabilities is available via Solution Sets and the associated companies it has established working relationships with.

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