Bringing Data-Enabled Web Sites To Small and Medium Businesses

Solution Sets has developed a completely unique suite of tools associated with web site design, production, and maintenance. The suite of tools, referred to as Dynamic Web Technology, completely changes the way web sites can be developed and maintained. The result is a tremendous savings in cost and time, as demanded by today's fast moving business world.

There have been three significant generations in site development tools since the introduction of the world wide web. Originally, people hand-programmed HTML code, and uploaded it to web servers using specialized FTP software. Although some excellent pioneering work was done using that approach, it quickly became clear that better tools were necessary.

That led to the second generation of site development tools which was HTML-assist programs such as HoTMetaL. Those tools helped the user deal with the nuances of HTML, but still forced the user to inherently deal with HTML.

Then over the past couple of years, some excellent WYSIWYG software has been used extensively which is the third generation of web development tools. This software lets the user deal primarily with the graphic and textual design, and ultimately produces HTML code behind-the-scenes as its output.

Although these WYSIWYG programs have become quite powerful, users must still
1) obtain and learn such software (usually done by specialist web designers),
2) make changes to individual web pages,
3) upload changes using specialized FTP software, and
4) upload an entire site even if only one small change has been made.

The Solution Sets Dynamic Web Technology represents a fourth generation set of web site tools. Users can develop and maintain web sites without any specialized knowledge, and without any software other than an Internet-enabled browser. In fact, if there was an urgent need to update a web site, a marketing manager could literally do so on their way through an airport, with nothing more than access to the Internet.

The Dynamic Web Technology suite includes tools in three major areas. First, there are standard or custom browser-based forms that allow users to define their web pages in a matter of minutes. Those user definitions are captured in the form of parameter files, somewhat analagous to Microsoft Windows ".ini" files.

Second, there are standard or custom browser-based upload forms that allow parameter files, text, images, and other file formats to be uploaded to the web server. Those same browser-based forms also allow for the editing of the parameter and text files, and they can be password-protected so only authorized personnel have access to upload functionality.

Third, server-based software combines the various parameter, text, images, and other files dynamically whenever an end-user is browsing a site using this technology. HTML is generated on-the-fly, and is sent down to the end-user's browser whenever web pages are accessed. The end-user sees no difference between the Dynamic Web Technology, and previous generation static HTML web pages.

The advantages to the company using the Dynamic Web Technology are numerous, however. Web sites can be produced in minutes or at most hours, by people without web site or other technical expertise. Web site updates such as changing an office location, adding a product, or adding a press release are trivial to make, appear instantly, and can be done without any tools other than an Internet-enabled browser.

The Dynamic Web Technology also database-enables web sites, with simple data-driven forms and queries supporting applications such as job databases, product databases, job status tracking, sales leads, and clasified ads. This database portion of the Dynamic Web Technology can be used without the rest of the suite, allowing companies to database-enable their existing web sites. And unlike other web database solutions, no changes are required to a web server (either Unix or Windows NT) to run the database.

Many large corporations have established Intranets, allowing them to put a wide range of information for employees on a secure web site. This includes policies, forms, presentations, whitepapers, competitive positioning, company incentive programs, etc. At Solution Sets, we believe small and medium size businesses need an Intranet just as much as large corporations, and have built such a capability into our Dynamic Web Technology. Someone in each department can upload relevant documents using simple customized forms provided by Solution Sets, without any need for a technical background, and without any need for software other than a browser. The Intranet portion of the Dynamic Web Technology automatically and dynamically builds a web site around these uploaded documents (including any that have been updated or deleted), providing password protected access to this information to all of a company's employees.

In addition to developing the Dynamic Web Technology product suite, Solution Sets also provides an associated licensing and service. Solution Sets will install and license the full suite of tools, including customization if desired, on either an client's web server, or on a web server that Solution Sets hosts on behalf of the client.

To see a comprehensive explanation and demonstration of the Dynamic Web Technology, go to or simply click here.

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If you are primarily interested in the database aspsect of the Dynamic Web Technology, you can see a demonstration of that functionality specifically by clicking here.

If you are primarily interested in the Intranet aspsect of the Dynamic Web Technology, you can see a demonstration of that functionality specifically by clicking here.

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