Services For Optimal Marketing Investments

All companies are actively involved in this area of marketing, and some do a good job of it. However, virtually none would claim that have sufficient marketing resources to do as much as they would really need to ensure their current and future success. Solution Sets can work with your existing marketing team to provide additional resources that are flexible in terms of type and quantity.

Solution Sets has significant experience in the area of collateral creation. This includes solutions-oriented web-sites, brochures, datasheets, business profiles, and company, product, or service presentations.

Solution Sets also has significant experience in the area of lead generation and qualification. This includes direct mail creation and production, setting up and/or maintaining a low cost lead database, collateral fulfillment, and implementing lead qualification telemarketing programs.

Is your company one that has hardworking salespeople, yet you still feel there's an opportunity to achieve a sales productivity increase. Solution Sets has significant experience in this area including creation of multi-media presentations, automated demos to minimize critical technical support resources early in the sales cycle, and the implementation of customized pipeline information systems.

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