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If you're like most companies, today's business world is tough. You probably face more and more competitors, and the products and services of those competitors are increasingly similarly to yours. The fast moving market means you must introduce complex products while continually shortening your lifecycles. Communications (sometimes miscommunications) is coming at your prospects and customers from every possible direction, and it's leaving them confused about what to buy and who to buy it from.

This means higher cost of sales, longer sales cycles, and lost business. Of course a key answer to this is an increased emphasis on marketing. Marketing is required to communicate what your products or services are. Marketing is required to convey why your products or services will meet your customers' needs. Marketing is required to differentiate your products or services from your competitors'. And marketing is required to explain how your products or services are packaged, priced, and delivered.

Despite the need for an increased emphasis on marketing, most companies must deal with the reality of not having as many marketing resources as they would like. Tradeoffs must continually be made to balance the hiring throughout your company, and marketing will only be allowed to hire its share of the new staffing. The result is your marketing organization is being stretched thin just when you need them to be more effective than ever.

Solution Sets provides high quality, cost-effective marketing services to help companies profitably attract and retain customers.

Opportunity analysis involves forecasting how well a particular product, service, or business direction might do in financial terms. Depending on your company's perceived needs, this analysis can range from a "sanity check", to a detailed forecast of the current and future size of a specific market segment. Investing engineering, marketing, and sales resources without first estimating the potential outcome is typically high risk.

Strategic planning is the second step in the business process. Once an opportunity has been selected, strategic planning involves outlining high level approaches to capitalize on that opportunity. This generally involves determining what will be done, and how. And critically, it involves the company's management team reaching consensus on the key aspects of the plan so everyone is working in the same direction.

Program execution is the third step, which involves doing the detailed work associated with marketing and selling a product and/or a service. This involves getting the message to your potential customers about who you are, what you do, and what products and/or services you offer. Even a great plan for pursuing a great opportunity will ultimately fail without proper execution.

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