Information For Optimal Networking Investments

Solution Sets was established to help businesses understand and compare the increasingly complex range of technologies offered by networking vendors. Information is available addressing both the technological as well as the business implications of networking solutions.

Companies face a major challenge today as related to networking. On one hand, most are realizing they must implement comprehensive networking connectivity in order to stay competitive. They understand a wide range of personnel must have ready access to information in order to most effectively make decisions and do their jobs. They understand branch offices must have networking connectivity as robust as corporate headquarters. They understand the Internet is becoming key to a wide range of information processes. And they understand any networking solutions they deploy must be extremely reliable while also providing a justifiable return-on-investment.

On the other hand, networking solutions have become extremely complex, yet also increasingly hard to differentiate. All vendors seem to claim their solutions are the best, yet all vendors seem to be describing very similar offerings.

Solution Sets can help businesses sort through the technological complexities, allowing companies to optimize their networking investments. Solution Sets personnel have decades of experience in a wide range of networking technologies. This includes local area networking (LAN) as well as wide area networking (WAN). In particular, Solution Sets has significant expertise in the most popular networking technologies being implemented today, including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Layer 2 Switches, Layer 3 Switches, Routers, Leased Line, Frame Relay, ISDN, Analog Modem, Digital Modem, as well as the transmission of Voice and Video over data networks.

Brian Barton is the founder and President of Solution Sets. Mr. Barton has over 25 years of experience spanning engineering and marketing. Early in his career, he developed both the hardware and the software associated with one of the early worldwide HDLC packet-based networks. For several years, he was a representative to ANSI and ISO committees, and authored a communication standard widely used by manufacturing equipment vendors. Subsequently, he held executive level engineering and marketing positions in the networking industry, involved with both LAN and WAN products. Mr. Barton is a frequent presenter on networking solutions, is often quoted by the press, and has moderated multi-vendor panels in public forums.

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