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A key aspect of opportunity analysis which Solution Sets has significant experience in is market segmentation. This means looking at a set of possible customers, and breaking them down into smaller groups according to industry type, geographic location, purchasing channel, company size, etc. This is done to identify a highly focused set of target prospects to pursue with your development, marketing, and sales resources. The more homogeneous this set of prospects is, the better job you can do at determining what they need, developing the product and/or service that will satisfy that need, conveying to them the resulting benefits they'll receive, and being able to deliver what they need through their preferred purchasing channel.

A second critical aspect of opportunity analysis where Solution Sets has extensive experience is market size and growth forecasting. Many companies have excellent ideas and products, but fail because they try to pursue a market that is too small, or that doesn't have sufficient future growth. Although market sizing isn't an exact science, there are many straight-forward techniques for putting together high quality estimates. Solution Sets believes the most effective is what we refer to as "multi-dimensional modeling". This involves modeling the current and future consumption of a product and/or service multiple independent ways, with the convergence of these being a good estimator of the market size and growth.

A third critical aspect of opportunity analysis is competitive research. Solution Sets has experience researching strategy, products, pricing, channels, installed base size, installed base satisfaction, etc. Understanding your competitors helps when trying to determine market segments you might pursue, how to position yourself against a competitor, and how to sell to your strengths and their weaknesses.

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