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At Solution Sets, our emphasis is "bringing e-business to small business". As such, we try to ensure our prices are low and easy to justify based on the value received from our Dynamic Web Technology. Database-enabling web sites using other means is typically far more expensive, both in terms of software, as well as in the expertise needed to set it up, and particularly to maintain it. With other technologies, you could easily spend in a couple of days what you would spend with Solution Sets in a year.

And similarly with our Dynamic Web Pages. If you're like most businesses, your market moves fast. And you need move just as fast (or faster), including keeping your web site current and interesting. Doing a good job of maintaining your web site with traditional static html technology is slow and costly. With the Solution Sets Dynamic Web Technology, it's extremely fast and easy, and with our pricing, it's extremely cost-effective.

Then there's the tremendous value companies receive by implementing an Intranet to keep employees informed and current no matter where they are located, and by implementing one or more Extranets to keep tightly plugged in with suppliers and/or customers. Most major corporations feel they must implement these to remain viable businesses. We believe small and medium size companies have just as strong a requirement to implement Intranets and Extranets, and that they need...and deserve...cost-effective solutions in order to do so.

We are so confident in the results we produce that we don't require clients to sign any long term contracts. We are that sure you will be a satisfied client.

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