Services For Optimal Marketing Investments

One area of strategic planning that Solution Sets can help in is product life-cycle analysis and planning. Understanding where a product (or service) is in its life-cycle is critical to determining the development, marketing, and sales resources it should receive, as well as in areas such as pricing. Product life-cycle analysis and planning allows you to invest, "milk", and phase out as appropriate, and to maximize the product's lifetime return.

A second area of strategic planning which Solution Sets has experience in is creating a business plan. Companies pursuing funding from venture capitalists, investment bankers, or a public offering generally need such a plan. It must adequately address the company's direction, opportunity, resources required, and expected results.

A third area of strategic planning which Solution Sets can help in is positioning. Positioning is deciding how your company, product, or service will be viewed as compared to others. Positioning is so widely accepted these days that most any prospect, analyst, etc. will expect to see it.

A fourth area of strategic planning where Solution Sets has experience is channel analysis. In today's sophisticated industries, there are many channels available for marketing, selling, and delivering your products and services. Some can be deceptively enticing because they appear to produce large revenue inexpensively. In reality, making the right channel decisions for your company can be one of the most difficult yet critical decisions you'll face.

A fifth area frequently done by "gut feel" is product or service pricing. Solution Sets can do the analysis to make sure pricing is a key element of your strategy, addressing cost, competition, and overall margin optimization.

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