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The Solution Sets Dynamic Web Page Technology can create most any web page look and feel a client company might be interested in. Background colors, text, etc. can be any color supported by web browsers, or the background can be selected from a huge library that Solution Sets uses for web design projects. Images can be photos, drawings, designs, or any other number of possibilities. They can be provided by the client company (such as photos of products, or of company personnel performing services), selected from an extensive library Solution Sets has, taken from one of the stock photo providers Solution Sets uses, or custom designed.

For demonstration purposes, we have taken a single web page, and have used the Dynamic Web Technology to adjust its background, and to show different banners (at the top) and some simple images (further down the web page). These are arranged in web page color themes, allowing you to select a theme and see the dynamically created web page. The Dynamic Web Technology isn't at all limited to this style of web page, however.

Select any of the below to see a few examples of web page color themes. And there's no problem mixing parts of these for a web site such as if you like the background of one theme but a banner or image design from another. Again, these are just a few out of an endless range of possibilities supported by the Dynamic Web Techology.

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