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It's been said that learning is a continuous journey not a destination, and BRICEL is here to help you on that journey. BRICEL, a business unit of The Solution Sets Group, Inc., was founded to help executives, managers, and professionals stay at the forefront of their careers, companies, and industries via continuing education and learning.

Perhaps your background is in a technical field, and you'd like to know more about marketing or finance.

Perhaps you've been a successful executive for several years, and you'd like to better understand the fast growing area of e-business.

Or perhaps it's been awhile since your last formal class, and you'd like to update your knowledge in some key business areas.

BRICEL offers a range of business classes for those not seeking an actual degree. BRICEL's classes are taught in a convenient online education center, by instructors with advanced degrees and experience in specialized business areas. BRICEL's classes are asynchronous, meaning there's no need to be in the class any particular day or any particular time. You can participate in a class whenever you have time while the class is underway.

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