Solution Sets Dynamic Web Page Technology

A Multi-Part Demonstration

Solution Sets has developed a unique and powerful technology associated with the Internet. Overall, we refer to this as Dynamic Web Page Technology, and it can be grouped into three major areas:

  • Dynamic Web Pages
  • The Dynamic Web Page Generator
  • Creation and updating of static (i.e. normal HTML) web pages using The Dynamic Web Page Generator

    The web page you are currely looking at is a normal HTML file providing an entry point to the demonstration of this technology. It is the only such "real" web page involved throughout the entire demonstration. Every other page you will see and make use of is completely dynamic (generated "on the fly" based on parameters and text either in files, or supplied by you during the interactive portions).

    In general, the bottom of each web page will provide a textual hyperlink to move to the next step in the demonstration.

    Click here to go to the first step in the demonstration

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